Anyone wanna party up? (Splitgate)

I’m looking for someone to party up with in Splitgate. If you want to, my steam username is "[□□□□]’. Why? 5% XP Boost.


is this gunturned alt?


i dont even know who gunturned is

Could just link your Steam account or drop your friend code.
Either way not interested in playing with a 13 year old, not this one anyway.

  1. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. I don’t have friends on steam and really couldn’t be bothered to post the link to my steam account because I’m useless and didn’t think of that.
  3. What’s wrong with me or playing with 13 year olds? My voice is screechy and my jokes are cheesy, but I can shut up and properly play the game.
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Just going to leave that as is.

You answered your own question

That and schedules, choice of game, yadda yadda yadda. Best of luck tho, you’ll find someone eventually since there seem to be many likeminded people around. I’d try the Steam forums tho, SDG isn’t getting nowhere near the amount of traffic they do.


ChOiCe Of GaMe ReEeEeE

Not into [insert latest BR] or Among Us so yeah, choice of game would be an issue. You don’t happen to be into Mechs would you?

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The only battle royales I play are Warzone (not much tho), Ring of Elysium and of course Unturned. However, the game I want to party up with someone is Splitgate: Arena Warfare; a fun FPS that combines elements of Halo and Portal to create a great movement system, complemented by the weapon designs and maps. And also, I don’t have Among Us, and don’t know what ‘Mechs’ is.

Therein lies the issue

Unturned: Battle Royale


I’m referring to the Arena Mode, but yes, very funny.

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