Anyone want to play?

Right now I am in freezer sandbox 3-2, if anyone wants to join we can do a hostage scenario. IDK

I’m at school rn, can’t do it, sorry man :confused:

aww, im on april break.

I had mine last week xd

LEL (10 chair limit)

Except we call it spring break

LEL (10 chair limit)

im in school and dont have my PC currently :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t seem to find Freezzer servers anyway
They seem to be disabled… or at least when i last played Unturned. It’s so fucking hard to see a server that doesn’t have /kit, /tpa, /home, vip
Jesus Christ are these people so fucking poor that they’re willing to ruin a fun game into a Pay2Win game which doesn’t support the developer at all

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