Aogiri Sneak Preview #1

August 7 - Hello! My name is Luci and I want to introduce you to my mini-project, Aogiri!

A little more about the map: I make this map as an index of my ability to create maps with my content in order to try to get permission from Nelson to create a curated map.

Gangster Mansion


Gl hf man xd

cute fence

Why haven’t there been large curated maps recently? It’s really sad honestly.

Elvers pretty goog

Ngl it do be lookin fresh

Hi, welcome to the forums. Good luck with the curated map, you’ll need it.

This sounds very menacing

Pretty cool but the mansion looks to benign perhaps some darker shades to reflect its dark criminal background. But other wise just beautiful. The parking slots be looking thicc.

Literally the first time I even hear of the dude and he wants to make a curated map. I’d call that ambitious at best, which is why I said


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