APC Bug report

Hello, I have recently found an APC on the PEI map.
I’ve been driving it around ramming zombies, but some zombies destabilize my car. Like the zombie has a greater force than my APC. I believe this is a bug that need fixing.

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:


I thought zombies couldn’t move vehicles. That’s strange.

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They dont move through my APC, they are like a brick wall and I crash.
Its not on all zombies, maybe a specific type like construction or another one.

I don’t really remember the cause of that but it’s a general thing that can happen I believe, regardless of the vehicle/map you play on

You might be going to slow, this happens when the car is slow or you’re reversing.


Ill see if I can upload a video


I clipped it driving a tank ( I think similar to the APC cuz they are both armored vehicles)

I think its silly a bunch of zombies can knock a TANK off the road. Is this an intended mechanic?

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It’s not an intended feature it’s just the jank ass physics


Well damn, so they not gonna fix this ‘bug’ ?

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The physics of this game amazes me every time. :skull:

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Okay, this will be the last piece of video that ill share on the problem.
I hope this is seen as an issue and can be fixed some time in the future

My idea is maybe making all (armored) vehicles heavier than zombies, so they wouldnt be able to push it over (I hope it is as simple as this).