Apology for recent post

I just want to sincerely apologize for my recent post.

I just noticed that it has been removed due to being “innapropriate” and now I can fully understand why.
I thank the forum staff for doing their job and not letting this descend in a shitstorm.I hope I didn’t offend anyone or caused any trouble.

Anyway,keep staying unturned and apologies for my disbehaving.:slightly_smiling_face:

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what post was it


Have you seen today’s Google doodle?

yeah its like rainbow for gay ppl n stuff

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I posted something about that,and yeah…

Suffice to say there were controversial things said on the subject by several people.

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And the mods probably didn’t want the forum to become a warzone so they deleted it.

its okay bro, jah forgives you :pray::pray::pray:



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Bye sister

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Google? :nauseated_face:

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