Appeal for discord ban

I got banned today for: “your main was banned for reposting someone else’s suicide meme”, now the only media i posted that day was this meme:

now if this is a suicide meme, then i did not realize it was, it just seemed like a regular unturned meme that i reposted from another guy

Main account: sigataros, display: I own the farm

idk where the image went, maybe a mod deleted it, i can describe it: depicts unturned character of evident intellect with a top text of: My mind is blown from that information

Hey, @Sigataros.

The image was removed for the same reason you were banned from the Unturned Discord server. To clarify – the meme was inappropriate. Spamming is also not appropriate, regardless of what the image is.

I’m willing to assume that you didn’t understand the contents of what you reposted. I’ll reduce your tempban to 1 day. You should be able to rejoin tomorrow.

Appeal accepted. Ban duration reduced to 1 day.