Application download issues

I can’t understand, I seem to have loaded plugins along the path C:\Fjordinar\steamapps\common\U3DS\Servers\FjordinarProject\Rocket\Plugins and I get this error that I highlighted does not allow plugins to work

I’ve removed the #console tag from your post, because you’re on PC. Console doesn’t have LDM/plugins/etc.

Based on the error message, it sounds like you’re either missing that dependency and should install it, or you’re using an older version and you need to update.

and how do i add this plugin to make it work?

You should probably look at where you downloaded the plugin from (or the plugin’s GitHub repository) to see if it includes information about depencies / troubleshooting steps, and if not then you should likely just contact the plugin author.

EDIT: Looking at the plugin author’s GitHub repository, my assumption is that the two dependencies named in the error log are these two:

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