Archer skill type

This is a skill that will reduce stamina while pulling the string on a bow, and help you know where your shoot will land. It will also reduce reload speed because you will have 2 or 3 arrows in your hand holding the bow.

This doesn’t need to be its own skillset. We already have exercise/cardio. It would be stupid to make a skillset for 1 weapon.


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I don’t think an archer skill is necessary. It’s already affected by several other skills which improves certain aspects of bows. And as NeedlessMemeing said, it’s a bit weird to add a skill solely for a certain weapon

I like the idea if it forces players to choose whether to develop themselves as an archer or gunman. In real life consistant skill with either takes time and practice. Some skills overlap but many don’t. 4.x would have to select two groups of skills two develop.

One set of skills for archery like maybe:

  • cardio: For stamina to hold the bow strung whle aiming for longer
  • strength: to to be able to fire increasing poundage bows (i.e. more damage)
  • sharpshooter: accuray
  • engineer: to maintain the bow and arrows

One set of skills for gumplay:

  • dexterity: increase and improve rate of fire
  • mechanic: operate increasingly complex firearms (bolt action, lever action, semi-auto, machine guns and heavy arms)
  • sharpshooter: accuracy
  • engineer: to maintain the firearms

The division of skillsets I chose as an approximation to the realities that force us in real life to choose which to pursue. Of course becoming proficient at both is possible, as it is in real life. But add that to the day to day survival needs of finding food, water, shelter, clothing and it makes for in interesting development arch early to late game.


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While archery and gunmanship are different skills IRL, they don’t need to be in Unturned, especially not if Unturned 4.X has a similar skill system to previous iterations.

You could also argue that Unturned 4.x need not come out all…but the topic is about proposing an archery skillset 4.x. I think the idea has potential if its done in a way that adds a new and interesting dimension to the game. More strategy in PVE…I think that’s one of the goals of 4.x. Forcing players to develop along certain paths based on style of play, availability of resources, zombie density and behavior certainly adds depth and dimension to the game, imo.\

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