Remembered I made a post somewhere about bows, took a while to find it on a steam modding discussion.

Original mod suggestion post

Had this idea after watching an archery video about choosing bows. Any other ideas for bows would be awesome.
Crossbow --> Custom Crossbow. [Different stocks, reverse arm curve, compact version(2x3) etc]
Compound --> Custom Compound. [Different risers, Compact limbs(2x3), sights
Wood Bows --> Custom Recurve (2x5. default riser and arms match the wood type. repaired using wood and glue)[Custom risers (Carbon fiber, Metal, Pine, Maple, Birch), Custom limbs (Wood types and carbon fiber), sights, etc.]
Tips, etc:
Stock(crossbow) and Riser (compound/recurve) --> Grip attachment part
Bow Arms --> Barrel attachment part
3 dot luminated sight for recurve/compound (dots vertical, green is 0m, then orange below, and red below that)
Dampener & Counterweight Tactical attachments for increasing stability and reducing recoil respectively
Archer Quiver tactical attachment for drastically increasing reload speed (only recurve and compound, unless the crossbow quiver idea is nixed. Dont want too many quivers on one bow)
Crossbow Quiver Magazine attachment for crossbow, increases mag size to 6 and automatically notches the next bolt. Decreased reload speed.

So yeah, doesn’t make much sense outside of a mod suggestion, but I’d love to have more diverse archery in Unturned 4.x, so here goes a tired way-past-midnight post:

Various crossbows - Old style, Makeshift, Modern, and Reversed Limb variants. Old and makeshift just fire old style bolts, while both modern type fire modern crossbow bolts.
Compound bows - Early and modern compound bows as well as a makeshift compound bow. All fire normal modern arrows
Traditional bows - Longbows, shortbows, recurve bows, and makeshift bows. use modern or traditional arrows.

Modern bolts and arrows can have the nocks and tips changed. (broadhead or field tips, high visibility or light up nocks, etc). The shafts will either be aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber, each with different weights and strengths.

Different quiver types for holding arrows. Hip, back, and bow mounted quivers (for crossbows and compound bows, possibly excluding traditional and makeshift crossbows.)

Bow sights and arrow rests (not for crossbows ofc). Sights will either have three glowing marks (green, yellow, red) that can be adjusted for different ranges, or a single post that can be adjusted for range. Arrow rests will either be your finger, a basic rest, whisker rest, or drop-away rest (or any others that are common)

Vibration Reduction Dampeners and Stabilizers.

Bow silencers (that feathery fluff you put on the draw string to reduce the “TWANG” sound from firing a bow)

Realistic draw time / Drawing a bow drains stamina (you can’t hold it forever, I’ve tried. Compound bows even)

[I’ll try to polish this later maybe.]

The most significant difference between these bows should be bulletdrop, and maybe range. I like the idea of more weapons that are not based on gunpowder


The bow is fucking overrated. Where’s my Atlatl?
And there’s also this thing:
A Chinese repeating crossbow.

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That thing actually had really bad range.

The main differences between bows that affects range and drop is Draw weight and Arrow weight. Pretty sure range isn’t gonna have a hard limit. Having a better arrow rest affects precision, having better sights affects accuracy.

I’m not sure there needs to be two different tiers of arrows with limited interchangeability; bows probably won’t need that nerf. Instead of having a dozen different types of bows and crossbows, I think it would make sense to just combine most bows and crossbows into takedown bows and takedown crossbows with interchangeable limbs.

I like the idea of takedown bows and crossbows, and I was kinda thinking that. Bows and crossbows cannot use the same kind of projectile though.

What you said earlier was that crossbows and modern bows would use one type of arrow, while antique bows would use another. If you want to separate arrows from crossbow bolts, that I’d be fine with.

And there’s also this thing:

A German repeating crossbow.

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@anon24515308 I fixed the typo, but “makeshift compound bow” did used to say “makeshift crossbow”. Mind you, I typed that at o’dark thirty in the morning

I did already distinguish between bolts and arrows. Only difference between traditional and modern, is the shaft being made of wood or aluminum/ carbon fiber/ fiber glass.

That would actually be pretty cool to have. I didn’t know that’s what those spear-throwing sticks were called.

I want to recreate the hunger games with what’s in this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Makeshift bows that can later be recurved or crafted into makeshift crossbows?

You forgot about slingshots!

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Slings, slingshots, atlatls, harpoon guns, etc. while somewhat relevant are not necessarily tools of archery.

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