Are bases to easy to raid in unturned? -

I first want to introduce myself. My name is joost im a unturned player since 2015, i have been enjoying the game alot. I have made multiple maps (millervile and ww2 battle lN) owned a few servers and overall did all kinds of stuff in the game. I love the game but there is one thing that always bothered me, that thing is bases in unturned. I always felt like they were way to easy to destroy. (I know its a bit better since nelson changed/added the charges) but it is still far from enough in my opinion. As soon as i play on any server and i make a base (not a 1x1x1 base or lockers hidden in trees) it gets destroyed as soon as im logged of. This always bothered me because in a game like unturned a base is used to “safe” stuff, to be able to build your way up to tp grade loot and this way they are needed. I am fully aware you could add a base multiplier to any server but that would just create a wierd balance if you ask me. Here an example: normal vanilla server no multiplier you work 10 hours on a base its done. But search for 4 hours for raiding gear and you have enough to raid the base. normal vanilla server with multiplier you work 10 hours on a base. You search 4 hours on stuff to destroy bases. Lets say you find that rare rocket launcher. You found it but you need about 4 more charges to be able to raid the 10 hours work base. This takes away the excitement of finding cool raiding gear and makes raiding overall less intresting (+ you will have bases everywere) i have already made a few posts on this on reddit the past year but now i decided to create a poll and the results for now surpise me. With about 130 votes more then 75% agreed the bases in unturned are to easy to raid. How do i think you can fix this? Well its important to try diffrend kinds of possibilities and find the perfect spot on balance. Alot of games tweak their game until they find the right spot (i feel unturned never really did that to much). I think the overall stuff to raid bases should be more rare to find. Alot more. Also a possibility would be to stop makimg high caliber guns do damage to metal structures. Or make horde beacons harder to create. Im sorry if there are alot of bad gramar/spelling mistakes im dutch so english isnt my first langauge. I would love you guys opinion on this cheers!

Use the pre-built forum function next time.

Im sorry im new to the forum, do you mean a pre build version for a poll?

@Captain.Stars said that you could’ve just used the actual poll function that is on the Forum.

Considering you’ve posted this everywhere else though, it’s probably easier to look at with all of it on one poll anyways though.


Ah, I didn’t know that. Go ahead then.

Horde beacons are what make raiding easy tbh

so underwater bases still reid-proof choice

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  • easy to raid
  • balanced
  • hard to raid
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