Are there new mythical escalation effects?

My question is if there are new mythical effects from the recent map that came out? I read about 2 new effects, greetings. (Excluding the singularity aura)

Yes – the Escalation Mystery Box includes the new “Spirit Signs” mythical effect.

From the box description:

Potential Mythical effects:
Atomic, Blossoming, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Crimson Navigator, Cryptic Runes, Crystal Shards, Dazzling, Decked Out, Electrostatic, Enchanted, Energized, Falling Icicles, Fire Dragon, Firefly, Freezing, Frosty, Glitched, Glowing, Ice Dragon, Lovely, Lucky Coins, Melting, Musical, Party, Pyrotechnic, Radioactive, Sacrificial, Sky Lantern, Snowflake, Soul Shattered, Spectral Gems, Spirit Signs or Wealthy


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