Are there other types of teleports?

Is it possible to make a teleport by pressing a button or a door

As in an object? Yeah that’s possible. You’d put something like

Interactability Quest
Interactability_Effect 8

Interactability_Rewards 1
Interactability_Reward_0_Type Teleport
Interactability_Reward_0_Spawnpoint EDITOR_SPAWNPOINT

In the .dat.


Do you have detailed instructions? How to do it

have you used teleport volumes? same system as that
you take the above bit for the .dat, put it in the .dat file for your door, change the spawnpoint to the spawnpoint that you want it to go to, and you’re done. you’ll also need to make another door to bring you back but if you’ve used them before I’m sure you know that.

I think it’s very hard in this, because there is no guide?

So basically, you place down a spawnpoint and give it a name. Keep this name handy. If you already have your own object made, simply put this

in the .dat file. instead of “EDITOR_SPAWNPOINT” just put the name of the spawnpoint that you have placed down. When you interact with the door, this should teleport you to the spawnpoint that you placed down. You then do the exact same thing with a different object on the other side in order to teleport back, but this time with a seperate spawnpoint with a different name, with the different object using the new spawnpoint’s name.

I’m not sure if there’s an example readily available as Germany’s and Russia’s teleportation appears to be hard coded. There should be some examples for Elver. I would fly around the map in the editor to try and find spawnpoints in areas where you teleport to to get a little bit more information about it.


Oh … the head is spinning, everything is somehow dreary


You may just be overthinking it. Objects can be interacted with – the properties for this are named/prefixed as “Interactability_”. Objects can use rewards, and have them trigger upon interacting with the object. One type of reward is the “Teleport” reward, which teleports you to a specific spawn point.

You would add the Interactability properties to the object’s .dat file. You would add (and name) the spawn point from the map editor.

Create a custom object → add interactability to object’s dat file → add spawn point to map → test in-game.

Up-to-date object documentation doesn’t exist yet, but here’s the documentation for the “Teleport” reward type: Rewards — Unturned 0.1 documentation


Greece, Easter Island, Kuwait, Arid and even Belgium have examples.


good point, hadn’t thought of those

'scuse me jumping in on this conversation,

Is it possible to make an NPC teleport you as well?
from an Unnamed/Named Location to another Unnamed/Named Location

for example,
Crossing a river

Both Ports wont be labeled on a map, but NPC-A will teleport you across the river to NPC-B, and vice-versa where NPC-B will teleport you back to NPC-A

I feel like “labeled location on a map” is easier since it would basically be the same as “/teleport user x location”

it would be possible with rewards, similar to the method I outlined, just without the “intractability” stuff.


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