Are there plans for enemy npcs? (Warning, a lot of text....)

(Disclaimer: Yes, I know that there are npcs in maps like Russia on U3, but they just give you quests from what I’ve seen. But ive never interacted with the npcs myself, so you can tell me more about them if I’m wrong about something.)

I’m a big fan of Unturned but I feel theres a big problem with the game’s immersion, as there’s a lack of npcs for a post-apocalyptic game. As a Fallout fan, a lack of enemy npcs or companions in U3 really bores me, as it kills the immersion in my opinion and makes me feel that I am the world and not a part of the world. If there are plans for more npcs, I hope there is at least some kind of scavenger faction, so that way it does’nt just increase immersion, it also adds many gameplay possibilites and maybe have possibilites to get good loot, depending on how strong and well equipped the enemies are.


Unturned 2 will have hostile NPCs, from what I know. In fact, I think they are already in the beta for the current game, so I think linking them to factions will not be super difficult, I think.


From what you say, I understand that you have not played the closed beta of Unturned 2.
Currently in the game there are already some enemy NPC’s, like Bandits, Horde mode Zombies and Drones.
However, the artificial intelligence of the Bandits has not been improved yet due to the beta status of the game, so they just follow you and shoot you until they have no more ammunition or till you are dead.
Try to get more information checking all the devblogs from the first to the last. This way you avoid suggestions of things that are already in the game or have already been planned before :smiley:


Cool, thanks for the info too, I kinda forgot to look into those devlogs… But I sure hope the Bandits become a lot more fleshed out in the future.

Yes me too, after all they have good potential! >:D

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Definitely going to be a thing.

Right now in the beta, you have Scorpion-7 drones. They’re tri-rotor drones that patrol a set area (Scorpion-7 is planned for that) and they’re equipped with an Eaglefire. They have a set FOV that’s indicated by a red light, if you end up in the light, you get shot.

Fairly primitive AI, but the game is far from being released, it’s all about functionality right now, polishing is done at the end stages of development.

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It is on the to-do list

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Bandit NPCs and NPCs that do daily tasks at their base are planned.


I wonder if we will also see friendly / neutral NPCs moving around. Some kind of wandering trader with whom you can exchange products would be nice. Maybe also other kinds of NPC, some requesting help to cut a tree, others with whom you can simply talk or etc… tho they should remain a rare sight

There will be NPCs man. I would like to see some factions like you said, also friendly NPCs are also kinda important , and some vehicles would also be cool.

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