Are we going to keep our cosmetics?

Are the cosmetic items/skins going to be ported over to 4.0? I hope if they are, that some cosmetics will use the cool realistic animations mentioned on the trello (wiggling santa hat lol)

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I feel like they’d be more likely to stay in Unturned 3. Same goes for skins.

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Well, there has to be some sort of way in which it won’t feel like people who paid for crates/items in 3.0 threw money out the window.

I’m sure they’ll stay in your inventory. Hopefully he’ll find a way to convert them into 4.0 items

That’s understandable. Assuming cosmetics and skins are re-added, and they are all the same and the same guns for those skins are added, then I think it’d be possible to just give a player the “new” item. If Unturned 4 wasn’t a separate game and Unturned 3 was just moved into the “Beta branch” section then it’d likely be easier.

tl:dr haha gl reading :clown_face: general idea of what’s up:

  • That’s understandable.
  • Some of the possible difficulties of actually porting stuff.
    • Curated content would be an issue specifically.
  • We’re only limiting ourselves by not taking the opportunity of a blank slate.
  • Quite a bit of scrapped ideas and such that could be brought in (iirc).
  • Little bit better organization of reasons why it could be better to start from scratch.
  • Less pressure and obligation to redo 4k+ Steam items to function properly (yet still fit in aesthetically?).
  • Compensation to make up for lost items?
  • It is still understandable.
  • Random rambling I cannot easily break down for the entirety of the last section.
    • Weighing the pros / cons.
    • Repercussions likely already considered.
    • Should definitely still re-voice concerns anyways, of course…
      • but it’d be cool to see people also embrace hypothetical big changes more so…
        • if the community does get thrown under the bus at least it’s a cool one. Die in style.
  • Say yes to animated festive hats.

However, if Unturned 4 was to have 3D clothing models, meshed clothing, new art style / texture designs, differently designed guns, etc., then it would become quite a bit more difficult to do, if manageable at all. If the clothing was 3D, then the first problem is how 3D is it? Is it just 2D with an extra dimension, or can there be other things on the clothing too, like those flappy pockets?

Curated content becomes an issue real quick. Lots of skins, and then dealing with cosmetics. Although those who have made cosmetics for Unturned are typically more active contributors and players, and would be more likely to update stuff, there’s a lot of skins, and some of those people don’t seem to actively play or contribute anymore.

Speaking of skins, then there’s the issue of different models, and weapons that aren’t even added back in. New attachments, or drastically different models for attachments.

Plus, then we’re kind of just limiting what the economy could be. Assuming there’s a Steam economy, starting fresh for a hypothetically separate game would be easier to mold and make good than it would be to fix the current economy. A lot of economy suggestions and original concepts/ideas have been mentioned in the past, and I personally feel like it’d be a waste to not take the opportunity to explore any of that.

Keep the economies separate and it’d be easier to encourage an actual trading community with a better Steam economy for the game. It’d boost curated content standards and submissions, and it’d help facilitate a real trading community in the game.

Less issues with people buying cosmetics/skins that would be exclusive to Unturned 3 and are not in Unturned 4.

Scrapped features and noted shortcomings and regrets about the current Steam Economy can be carried over into the hypothetical Unturned 4’s version of it.

  • iirc there were regrets about not having the boxes have unique skins made specifically for that gun

  • iirc Steam economy item crafting system was mentioned before? Might have just been a popular suggestion and not scrapped ideas.

  • iirc I swear there was something else. Something more directly in-game related? Dunno.

Easier to implement new economy features(? Not 100% sure on that, but there’s also 4,766 Steam economy items atm.)

No obligation to re-add and re-do everything for the 4k Steam items when progress could be made on core game, or on a better economy. Less pressure.

Give out free boxes and such to compensate? Additional boxes for those with any DLC?

It is understandable, even though some people would probably still play Unturned 3 regardless of 4.x being a thing, to not want to feel like you’ll have to just sell all your economy items because you’re just not going to play 3.x as much as 4.x.

A lot posts on every site has argued for reasons to not switch x or not change y. On one end of the spectrum it’s easier to not have to change and reintegrate. On the other hand, there’s so many new possibilities with a blank slate.

Realistically, a lot of the possible repercussions will already have been considered ahead of time. The community isn’t going to be deliberately thrown under the bus. It’s good to make sure to re-voice these types of concerns in case there’s some doubt from Nelson on whether or not it’d be an issue, or maybe it was something he didn’t consider to begin with, but what would be really cool is seeing major changes like a new Steam economy (or a revamped economy) taken in with feedback on what should be done to make it great. New features, and how to properly create and balance the economy, for example.

That would, at the very least, insure that even if we’re accidentally thrown under the bus, at least it’s only a wicked double-decker minibus. We can go out with style and at the very least some of the things we’ve wanted to see regardless. :wink:

Yes for having physics on clothing though. Festive Hat with the ball swinging around would be as amazing in-game as it was an example.


Molton’s post is nicely thought out.

Nobody’s 3.x economy items are going to be lost, they will still be usable. Transferring to 4.0 is a tricky question and it depends how everything’s set up. (Achievements/workshop/etc separate or shared.)


I spend 65 euros on items in this game and i think there are people that spend over 5000. I think nelson will make cosmetics with the same name but that look diferent.

I hope 3.x and 4.x economies are separate, meaning no transfers are made.

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I will like to see 4.x having his own economy, the 3.x is not THAT GOOD, I want to see a trading community more alive just like TF2 or cs:go

Molton’s post just covers all the aspects. Great job.

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