Arena mode mimic PUBG?

First I’de like to know, has Nelson has talked about Arena plans for 4.x? I’ve been reading dev posts but don’t remember anything about it.

Anyways, my suggestion is more of a way to make the game grow rather than improving what 3.x is.
I believe the game, for the genre it sits on, is pretty much the best out there, and Arena has it’s own charm but I think this mode could have a brother mode that would do a copy paste of current PUBG’s game mode.

What would change vs current arena:

  • Use the default maps so we have a bigger game area
  • Do the plane jumping thing so players can choose where to start
  • Force games to start with a minimum of 50+ players, so that maps don’t feel empty (Introduce matchmaking, just how it works in PUBG)

Advantages of this game mode:

  • Grow Unturned’s player base
  • More players = Stronger economy
  • More people playing = more people on other game modes
  • People that like PUBG’s game mode would be able to enjoy it with decent FPS and less bugs

Reasons why I think we need this game mode (beyond listed advantages):

  • Arena falls short on player count and map size (Or this “ratio” is usually unbalanced)
  • Arena doesn’t allow you to select spawn location. While loot is random, this is still not cool.
  • Arena is boring after death cause a full server will make you sit and wait for years for the next match. Matchmaking would fix this.

May I say I do NOT want arena replaced! Arena has it’s own charm and could very well be there still, but getting this game mode as a extra would be great overall for both the game and the players on Steam.

Many complain of PUBG’s bugs and lack of optimization, and I’m sure Unturned 4.x will run much better and will be hella-polished. If 4.x launches with this game mode, many will jump the PUBG ship and come to unturned, and may even be enlightened to how great of a game (vanilla game mode) it is, despite the blocky graphics (which is what many complain about this game without trying it).

I kinda rushed this topic but you guys can help out with your replies.

TLDR: Copy paste PUBG’s game mode in a brother mode to Arena’s, adding plane jumping, matchmaking and a minimum of 50+ players for a game to start. Remove PUBG’s paywall, stupid red zone and bugs and lack of optimization and we get PUBG within unturned.

Edit: If you’re reading and are interested in the topic, do read the comments, even if “vertically”, loads of good information has been added thru out the discussion :smiley:


4.x is made for the sole purpose he made 3.x in the first place… PvE and actual survival. Not gun games and arena modes. And simply copying another game won’t be that much of a good idea because there’s gonna be nothing different and new than PUBG itself will throw a lot of hate towards Unturned for copying. Maps having +50 players is already there and will be implemented. The plane thing, unnecessary. Loot is random, and spawns are random. 3.x already uses a couple of its default maps as Arena maps. So there really isn’t anything new (for the most part at least)


These would be kind of hard for Nelson to do alone. He would also get hate, because of people who play fortnite, Rules of survival and pubg, because he would be “copying.” The reason why fortnite is around is that it is different in multiple ways from pubg. Its not a carbon copy. Also rules of survival is a mobile pubg, so no one is really complaining.

More people playing a battle royale mode has no correlation to them playing other modes. Look at unturned 3, there are about 5 survival servers which keep changing because servers keep dieing. The only thing people are playing is creative, deathmatch servers.

For one, the red zone is an acential part of pubg. It keeps players from camping areas for too long. There will alway be bugs in any game, which nelson can’t just “fix” for them. If he creates his own gamemode, those glitches won’t be there.

In conclusion, think about what you have said and you will see that nelson cant copy pubgs code and paste it over to unturned, and also why this is a horrible action nelson could take. (btw fortnite is free [no duh] so if you want a f2p battle royale, just play fortnite).

While this might not be the best suggestion, I have to thank you for the effort it took you to write this down.

It has been mentioned that 4.X will support both custom maps and game modes, so while this isn’t something we’re likely to see in vanilla, (especially at launch,) it could atleast be modded into the game, (matchmaking would probably be beyond the scope of mods though.)


Yes the question of copying had to come, but that happens in literally every genre, I don’t think it stands a problem anymore. Every game “copies” the other and they all are successful in their own way. As I tried to convey, Unturned would have some differences from PUBG but still have it’s own charm to differentiate itself (art style, gun play, zone shrinking system, etc)

Game mode distribution would still be affected, if new players came in.

I know Fortnite is free but that game has building… which is, imo, retarded on the scope of the game mode (Battle Royale). The whole idea of Nelson doing Battle Royale was to present a actual good PUBG alternative, as unturned is much more realistic in gameplay compared to Fortnite, and (hopefully) is a much more polished game (this is a assumption, taken by the experience of playing both 2.0 and 3.0, unturned has always been pretty much gamebreaking bug-free)

While mods do certainly work and are very good, people want a easy way in. Vanilla having it would have much more media coverage and gain much more traction than having to download a mod to be able to play such game mode.

I ask it to be vanilla to make it easier for every type of gamer, both the expert and the “I just want to click one button and be playing” guy. Right now, with a few tweaks, one can achieve battle royale within unturned, on a custom server with maybe a few mods, but having these features ingrained within a game, with a bit of tweaks and ease of usage, I believe it would be much more appealing for non unturned players to get into the game. And of course, add in the tweaks like matchmaking so one doesn’t wait years for the next round…

And while servers can be full… it doesn’t always happen. Matchmaking would definitely concentrate the playerbase and would take off boredom and add in much more quality game time to the mode.

TLDR: Making it easier to use by being available within the vanilla game would make more players come, cause in reality, the whole game mode already exists within community servers with mods, outsiders just don’t know about it or don’t even try due to boredom or lack of basic features (50+ Players, MM, etc)

Well that’s the thing.

Again, Unturned 4.0 is meant to be a survival-centric game. Modes like that belong better as a module than as vanilla.

A community mode is just that - a community mode.

It doesn’t need to be vanilla to be accessible. Curated content in 3.X is quite accessible.

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I think one of the major problems in Arena is the weapons. There should be a bit of progression (although much quicker than survival obviously), so you’d start off with worse weapons and work your way up to military stuff. I’d also like spawns to be completely revamped. Weapons and gear should spawn in houses instead of in the middle of streets to prevent two players going for a pile of guns and one dying because he didn’t pick up a gun quick enough.


If he wants it to be only survival-centric game, why would he add support for creating/modding custom gamemodes then? Theres nothing wrong in having an arena mode AND the actual survival game (which is going to be more PvE than right now). Even in the roadmap Nelson has added “Arena” as a gamemode he wants to implement into 4.x later on. An additional Arena/Battle Royale mode wouldnt affect peoples “survival experience” on a survival server. It would attract a lot more people and unturned 4 would grow. This would result in more “survival-server player” aswell. In my opinion Unturned needs a Battle Royale gamemode. I mean, those who dont want to play it doesnt have to?

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This is because Unturned is an open-world game, and one that has always had a very large modding community.

Regardless this seems like a job for a module/community content/mod of sorts

The problem is that a hardcore survival game, and a battle royale game shouldn’t necessarily have the same weapon balance, gameplay mechanics, HUD, or controls, and Nelson shouldn’t have to keep all of those elements updated for multiple game modes all by himself. If the community wants a PUBG style game mode they’ll try to make one, and if Nelson wants to officially support it, he will.


You couldn’t have worded that any better. I agree 100%.

In addition I’d like to point out that with modules being a key feature of 4.0, this is probably one of the first things that would belong in a community module. That way people can easily opt in/out and it allows for better quality on both sides.

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Community and Nelson’s partnership has come a long way indeed, and we’ve been having good results. To lighten his workload, he could entrust the development of such mod to the community and then “over watch” it’s creation and balance to add as a main game feature after he feels it’s polished enough.

The idea I have is that, if it’s said the game has it by default, it draws much more attention to Steam’s player base than saying there’s a good mod for this one game to play such game mode. So in a way, while the community could and probably will do such mode in 4.x, it would be good for Unturned’s 4.x growth and general acknowledgment of existence with such attention-drawing mode as vanilla feature, even if disguised (AKA made by community, introduced to game as feature).

Beyond this objective, there’s obviously the objective of improving arena’s flaws, which are mostly player numbers and wait times.

You are literally describing something that would be a perfect community module, but then you say modules do not fit this and that instead, community members should produce something for the main game, which makes zero sense given how the module system works.

You’re literally trying to shove arena mode into the core survival module.

Sorry but that whole module system is out of my spectrum of knowledge right now and thus I’m not understanding perfectly what you’re trying to bring my attention to… :s

I’m also bad at simplifying my ideas, but I’ll try again:

  • Unturned with this game mode as default > Unturned with this game mode as a mod
  • To achieve the first objective, two options: Nelson does it, community does it and Nelson adds it as default and helps development.
  • If first objective is not possible, three options: Nelson aids mod creation and helps get the word out that such mod is available for his game, community do the mod alone or no mod is ever done.

Regardless of results, we stick with whatever version of Arena Nelson drops into the main game (mode which was confirmed to be happening in 4.x by what I’ve read on @P9nda’s comment).

Since you’re not familiar, I’ll try to summarize myself in a nutshell. Hopefully you will now understand and hopefully agree with my point.

  • Nelson plans to make 4.0 more open source, meaning it will be a lot more open to modding.

  • part of this is the introduction of a “module system” which modularized various parts of the game code and allows other huge modules to easily be added in, presumably by the community. Think mods, but upscaled to huge mechanics, modes, and other stuff not possible with mods.

  • as such, arena would be a perfect module. 4.0 will have at least two modules, a core module (which can’t be removed because it’s the core the game needs to operate) and a survival module with all the survival related stuff in the main game. Arena would be a very nice thing to have as a module, because it makes adding arena or opting out of it far, far easier.

  • the module system was pretty much created with things like arena mode in mind. An optional yet potentially integral part of the game. Think like adding another room to your house with a special purpose, but it can be added or removed from the rest of the house very easily.

  • this will be so cleanly integrated into the game that it will be as if it was in the main game, even if it isn’t. 3.0 actually already has a module system, but the modules in 3.0 aren’t really changed.

Compared to what?

Do you have a source for this? As far as I know, the only module system is in Unturned 3, and won’t be continued in Unturned 4.

Do you have a source for this?

Not sure what module system you are referring to in this bit. If the existing one (Unturned 3) then yeah, but if otherwise, do you have a source?

Do you have a source?

Source it on devblogs