Arena style game like in the first culling, and in the hunger games

Unturned arena should be more survival based, with the most common items you can find are melee and bows. There should be zombies in high tier loot areas, and bears and wolves in forests. You will be able to find guns in airdrops. The skill system will be the same, but you will get 50 exp with each kill.

If the community wants it, mods will do it. I would not be surprised if there is several community remixes on whatever kind of arena mode nelson cooks up, and this could easily be one of them. Also what do you mean by high tier loot areas, in most arena games the loot is the same, just with more or less loot depending on how large the location is. I assume the 4.x arena will be similar

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High tier areas would be military locations.

So like Fear the Wolves?

Only not a failure.

Survival games dont need battle royale.

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