Arid (?) Missing Base Walls Exploit

Sometimes, when i go by bases, some walls are missing, well, i found out today that if you take a vehicle, you can drive though the walls and get in or out of the base easily.
So you can raid bases easier without the worry of wasting explosives on walls or doors.
Here is a video of it.


What the base doin tho?

In all seriousness tho what the fuck

all that hard work gone

virgin raider: organised professionals that trained in private servers, uses discord voice chat for maximum coordination, have read the art of war and use real work military tactics such as blietzkrieg and SWAT raiding tactics, have air superiority, manage logistics, use superior firepower doctrine to dominate the battlefield.

chad c0ntriL: raids your honeycomb base with truck, needs no preparation, all your sentries are ded, can’t kill him if he runs you over with the truck, expert spy

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Base machine broke


Understandable have a blessed day


This thing. Yes, this was actually caused by Unturned update which literally broke Arid servers and most of other servers with modded barricades / structures in such a way that now wipe is necessarily needed to fix that newest issue.

To clarify: referring to the screenshot there is no Renaxon’s fault in this, it is more of basic multiplayer game code flaw and global server wipe will definitely fix this (Real Survival has already done a full wipe on their two Arid servers and it worked), you could ask the owner about it.

(thanks dpr3000 for the information)

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