Arizona terrain datamined


centerman wasn’t that wrong all along

found in a beta build of 2.0 that somebody archived and I datamined

update: there’s no objects or trees or anything, the only way i can get those is by getting the level# file of the map. arizona doesn’t have one of those, the terrain data was just on it’s own in one of the folders


I propose we petition nelson to make Arizona one of the maps in Unturned II.

Brilliant work with the datamining bro


There better be a gun called the Big Iron.


@ekhoalfa Curated map

found original prefabs and textures, did what i could but the tools were starting to break down on me

this is a half-baked attempt at replicating the original promo image for arizona back in the day

edit: here’s another pic of the remade arizona

without the original level# file i can’t say what else would’ve been in the map at the time, but it’s very interesting to see what could’ve been


all surviving prefabs in arizona (working objects with textures)

from top left to bottom right:
palm_0, dead_0, dead_1, oilDrill, drillSite, cactus_0, cactus_1, rock_2, and rock_3

didn’t include memorialBridge and hooverDam because we’ve seen those already


@FalkenJr Wow, I’m impressed. It’ll be nice if someone looking at this forum post makes an Arizona map just based off all of the information in this thread.

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