Armored police vehicles

I was watching this cool movie recently and I though of pretty cool idea for unturned 4.0. One of heavier and less common police vehicles could be this big armored truck which could look kinda like this

,now aside from all the obvious features like good suspension or sirens here’s something it could have

additional features

Maybe the rear of the truck could open and have like armory, having a truck full of ARs to deliever to your boys out in the field could be pretty cool, obviously you would have to guard it pretty good to prevent others getting access to it and stealing your guns and shooting you.


Oh boy I sure do love the HMMWV platform and the negative miles per gallon they get


Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well


You mean like this?


What the fuck is that thing

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Yeah, fuel consumption would obviously be one of the bigger drawbacks of using vehicle like that.

Pretty much, but with ability to do what you want with rear space instead of having just seats there.

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Armored vehicles like this are pretty much confirmed and the armory could work aswell, or you could just put storage in the back and it would be the same thing.

I now see what your cool movie was. I will go and watch it now

a real human bean


I think that everyone is just really craving a killer bean video game adaptation

our day will come, brother

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