Arrows for 4.X

Well, we know that the firearms have different type of amunition, even the crossbow has 2 types of arrows, but we should be able to craft more than 2 types. Here are some of them:

Poison arrow: Lower damage, but makes the target in a poison state losing HP every second.
Fire arrow: Lower/Medium damage, makes the target in a fire state.
Drug Arrow: Normal damage. Maybe the blueberries can be even more useful, crafting like a drug arrow, wich makes the target with the drug vision of Unturned 3.0
Explosive arrow: Already in 3.0

Any ideas for more arrows?


The point of a drug arrow would be to tranquilize, so In theory it should do like 5 damage and put whatever you shot to sleep.


What if you shot a person? Maybe if you shot an animal it would put it to sleep, but only cause hallucinations (like berries) if you shoot players.


That sounds good, but it should make it so that you can barely see due to the druggyness for like 20 seconds.


This has already been suggested, except for the drug arrow, which can be simply switch and replaced with a blow dart

What about a flare Arrow, is like a flare with more launch range

Flare guns.

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Then you need a blowgun…

arrows should stack


20 seconds sounds too op, and losing vision isn’t really fun in any video game. Maybe when shot you’d have a random effect that affects your aiming, so maybe your controls would get inverted. (it’d help you a ton for PvP)

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  • Blade tipped arrow - causes bleeding up to 100% life. Must use bandage to stop bleeding or die.
  • Judo tipped arrow - It’s a type of blunt-headed arrow used for crushing instead of shredding small game. On a human it should cause broken bones.
  • Field tip - This should be the only re-usable arrow and is likely what in-game arrows are today. Looks like someone sharpened a bullet and put it on your arrow. It just causes damage by putting a hole into something. While not very lethal these arrows are used as target practice today since the tips are weighted to match the other hunting tips. In a zombie apocalypse their re-usability and salvagability after a head shot would make them the mainstay I would think.


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Not relly a gun. All you need is a piece of bamboo and a poison dart and you’re all set

But what if it hit you in the head? :thinking:
The point is that blowdarts aren’t compatible with bows, so they wouldn’t be a good replacement for poison arrows.

Why don’t we simply put poison on the arrows, but drugged shit on the darts instead

If the drugs can’t be balanced as an arrow, then they can’t be balanced as a dart.

We don’t want bows and crossbows to be the main course of every loadout. Variety is important. So instead of drug arrows, we’ll have drug darts that cause hallusinations and mild health loss, have low range and decent ballistics. As for the poison, keep it for the bows. We have enough arrow types as is

Good question. The easy way out is to get damage and the broken bone state.

Lets look at what the ‘right way’ to handle blunt force trauma to the head might be. There could be a cracked-skull/dain-bramage state but is it permanent? Maybe a temporary concussion state? What would that look like? Maybe some berry-type visual effects and slow movement and running, slurred speech (that could be funny)? Only way to heal a mild concussion is to wait it out while you avoid any further head trauma (don’t sleep!!!).

Stack in players too. Now we have the free-head movement, it should be like Rust.

Laser guided arrows? (JOKING)