Arrows of fire and a detail for them

Before going to the theme of fire arrows wanted a detail to be added to arrows in general, if you shoot arrows at trees, walls or anything like that the arrow would appear embedded in it and you would go close and get it, this it’s also worth for players and zombies to hit a player’s or zombie’s body and it will appear stuck in his body while he moves or when he’s dead and you go there and get the arrow back.

Fire arrows
Fire arrows can not be taken back only the carbon ones can, to make the arrows of fire you need an arrow, cloth and a flammable liquid, if they hit a player they take 6 seconds to leave it in flames time he you can use it to get wet with water by canceling the fire of the arrow, the 6 seconds are also valid for other surfaces, even with the arrows of fire the molotovs would not lose the utilities because they spread the fire faster because when they make an instantaneous fire covering a area.

Embedded arrows would be cool for immersion. Fire Arrows, putting realism aside, would be a good weapon to use in raids against wooden bases. Bringing back realism, fire arrows put themselves out the moment they are fired

I imagine you would have to activate the fire arrow before shooting and if you take too much time it extinguish

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