It would be nice to see artillery added in 4.0. The artillery would have less drop than the tank, faster projectile speed and better aiming system. The artillery would be stationary or only being able to get moved with a truck/jeep. Would also be cool to see stationary howitzers for base protection that have a unique aiming system but much slower reload rate.

I feel like adding too much stuff like this continues to push the game away from its survival roots.

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Yes but than maybe only be able to spawn it with commands

Me and my friend like to roleplay on a creative server and we just want to have to have more fun stuff

If your logic is “we just want to have fun stuff” and “then just make it only available through spawning”, then it’s better suited for a mod.


Yep. Sounds like he only wants it for selfish/personal use rather than for the sake of the game.

use mods its easier.

You cant just bring a new aspect to the game like for the cannon unturned still thinks its a vehicle and it should be drivable and i dont know if you can ad optics to vehicles and you wont be able to export the cannon with a jeep and for the howitzer you have to guess where it will land

i think taht the artillery and tracking systeme are good.

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