As a Chicagoan, this offends me

Found this location on a workshop map. Obviously the creator is not a Chicagoan.

As someone who lives a mile from the airport (Modject members know what town I’m in), the shape and location of the Airport is all wrong and IT’S PISSING ME OFF REEEEEE

(Also there’s not a line of dilapidated cars going to and from the massive traffic jam of an airport.


I wonder what the Canadians will say about Nelson’s croissant shaped PEI map


If we’re comparing croissants, they are pretty similar.


Washington looks nothing like the map, except for the materials and the Space Needle. Olympia is the capital. not a military base.


I am triggered as well, why did they include Bellevue golf course but not Bellevue? and the Puget sound needs more islands

Like with other maps, it makes more sense from a map design perspective to have real locations downgraded to just being a harbor, or, more popularly, just a camp. Kind of weird for Olympia to have been chosen to be a military base instead of something else, but:

Seattle has a decently well-known monument of Washington state, and the Washington map was designed to be a PvP map, so it needed that major military location somehow.

The map isn’t really large enough to accommodate too much for what should be quick-to-the-action PvP, and if Washington was ever created for Unturned 4.x I too wouldn’t mind taking the chance to spruce it up a bit regardless.


Olympia might be the capital but even in real life Seattle is the biggest city from Washington.

Oh yeah, no question. Idk how Everett got a mention, but not Spokane.

That makes me wonder how many kids who play Unturned think that Seattle is the capital of Washington.

Too many. I’ve talked to people in-game who say Everett is bigger than Tacoma.

that makes me also wonder why is your pfp a furry

unfortunately too many, I’m sure some kids probably think Washington is part of canada

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US Flags everywhere and US military gear kind of eliminate that problem.

you never know, some kids are pretty stupid

I’m German and I’m pretty fucked up about the Germany map: Berlin has no Fernsehturm (I don’t know the english word), no Brandenburg Gate and no Reichstag, there are mountains everywhere, München is north of Berlin, Frankfurt doesn’t even exist, Frankfurt airport, the second largest airport of Europe is small as f***, Köln / Cologne is in the West, Ostsee is just a river, there are Spaceshuttles everywhere (Germany has just control centers, but no ramps for shuttles). Some things like Brandenburg gate are a synonym for Germany and they just don’t exist

When Nelson started making the new map he didn’t know where it was going to be so I guess that it’s one of the main reasons about Germany’s locations, some places do represent Germany like Munich with the Oktoberfest and the Neuschwanstein castle, but that’s all not really any other big monuments from the actual country. I guess that the Brandenburg Gate wouldn’t have been added cause Russia already has a similar monument, a decent Reichstag wouldn’t have been a bad addition. The thing with Berlin (Unturned) is that there is nothing that really represents it, for a huge city like that I would have expected something that makes the player knows where is he is without having to check his chart/GPS.

I mean, Berlin wall.

The Coalition made it.