As promised


I decided to add a little more detail to the model (a grill and strip) , it is fully textured and has full audio , all i have to do now is add in the 7 other colours but that is just a simple texture change.

All 8 colours:

Now all i have to do is redo the Vintage and make models for every other vehicle I plan on using in my map.


Um… how do I put this? It looks pretty bad tbh and doesn’t fit the style. Sorry.


everyone is entitled to there own opinion :+1:t4:


IT also has enogh space for 2 crates in the back.


It’s better than how they looked before xd, before they looked like something from I dunno… Gmod?


I don’t know what to say… They fail in both high-poly and low-poly styles. Not sure what the target was.


What am I failing in , I have really tried to bring the low poly style in , there is laterally one row of polygons down the side . I really feel like giving up as this low poly style is difficult to do even when u use a box as a base.


The only part that looks kinda off to me is the cab. Maybe it could be improved by referencing vanilla models.


Thanks , I will check it out :+1:t4:


Any better ?


hmmmm… actually heres an idea to help it. try to not make the tops curve in as much when you get to the cab. but the thickness does improve it. also, make the grille and lights more like the unturned style. other than that, possibly make hte wheels lower for the ingame model.


Edges of the top part of the cabin is pretty thin. The base looks like it was used for a low-rider with how the wheels are placed. Some details which leaves everyone thinking it looks out of place in both poly styles.

Practise more and you might get better results


You should also go for Unturned standard colors, not necessarily talking about the regular ones but atleast the ones already used with certain types of buildings for example.