Aspects of a Unique Survival Game

As some of you may know, I’m developing a survival game, based in unturned in some aspects (no, it won’t be a copy), but only few of them. I was thinking hos I could make my game unique, and I had some ideas. But everyone has some crazy (or not) ideas, and I would love to see them, feel free to expose them here.
Ideas that I had:

  • Toxic Rain. It would work like a deadzone, turning zombies is radioactive ones, but it would move around the map, crossing cities and farms. I think this would be nice, something unespected, to make players move, try to survive.

  • Random Events. Like broken thief’s cars, that were running from cops, that should appear (as zombies) behind them. This would appear randomly, using preset locations, and you could find some good loot there(could be a variation for the airdrops, spawning randomly sometimes, and playng a broken siren sound, attracting more zombies, but you could find it at least (They would be just zombies, and would’nt be cahsing one another in the gameplay).

Type down here some ideas for a survival game, say what you think about my ideas, and if you have some other random events ideas, show me them too.


Signs of civil unrest whould be nice

(police barracedes, broken windows in shops from thrown furniture in riots, barricaded homes you have to actually break into/really hard to get into, prehaps even a city built a wall and suffered a massive zombie siege)

Empty towns (people actually evacuated, homes mostly empty, spawn area?,)

Full length full map underground subway/transport system with added areas. (The train goes over a cool underground lake & cave system, go off the path and explore for special? Leads to labs, exa?)

Just a few ideas.


For events add airdrops, but be original or somewhat, crashed plane or heli with a loot tier matching up that heli. Like a military helicopter drops military loot" etc. And may be bandits in cars that try to kill you if you are in their path.

And yes I did not read your whole post when writing this.

Carpet bombing coming from one edge of the map to another. Imagine being excited seeing a plane pass by but then noticing that it seems off dropping multiple packages not shaped like your typical airdrop.

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Random encounter with either passive (traders, survivors) or offensive NPC (bandits) would be nice.

Like in fallout’s I guess.

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Getting the suggestions you wished for yet?

(except carpet bombing, I think that’s hallarious)

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Sure, I liked some of them, and I will also make a trello for my game, so you guys can follow the development and see what’s coming next months. I’m working on a temperature system and night optimization right now. Next step is creating a name for the game, and if all goes as expected , I should make a video demonstrating what I have for now.

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