Assault Rifle Comparisons | 1 Minute Overviews

Augewehr 4.5/10

Eaglefire 6/10

Fusilaut 9.5/10

Heartbreaker 1/10

Maplestrike 5.5/10

Matamorez 7/10

Nightraider 5.5/10

Swissgewehr 2/10

Zubeknakov 7.5/10

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No mention of the slightly better ballistics on the Swissgewehr? :c

The better ballistics are as you said, slightly better. I may add another section for bullet drop, however that would be hard considering each level of zoom has different bases for bullet drop.

Other than that, the ballistics are negligible and wouldn’t raise its rating regardless. However, I will need to add a section for bullet drop for snipers.

Remember the Matamorez is the only assault vehicle that can take down armored vehicles and bases.

A full box can shred (as in 100% to fire) a tank in a few seconds.

I regard the Matamorez as a great anti-vehicle weapon. Also it’s silenced, which you did not mention.

I feel like internal suppressors are more of a neutral thing. Being prohibited from using any other sort of barrel attachment is a bummer sometimes.

Also, it can’t shred armor.

I still like the Matamorez though.

What you mean armor? When I mentioned it, I related how it can damages re-enforced vehicles (like APC’s, which other assault rifles only make ding noises on).

Ignore me, I’m being dumb with old stuff and new projects vs current stuff. :weary:

Yes, it damages invulnerable stuff. It’s even better to use against an armored vehicle than the Ekho would be, if you wanted to.