Asset mismatch

Is there a fix for this error, its happening with a lot of players and different mods. mainly vanilla vehicles 2 / vv3

You were kicked from this server because asset mismatch

a old fix of mine, not sure if it still works:
make sure to put in the server description the link to all mods used by the server or the link to a discord page which contains that info, then to fix it you would simply install all mods containing all assets that are present in the server.
At least that is what I did a long while ago when I had this issue with a server and didn’t have any problems after that, hope it can help.

Verifying files and reinstalling the mod on client and server doesn’t help, entire server was kicked earlier because of vanilla vehicles 3. I just have to remove the mods with this problem until a fix is found

Maybe one of your mods is no longer compatible with the game, check the steam workshop pages for outdated mods or mods that are pending updates and remove them

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