Asset problem – window slots

Hi guys. I had a problem when creating an asset at home, the window does not work correctly when I try to install it, more clearly in the video -
In unity, object clips were installed as in the guides (doors and gates work correctly), in the house model the windows were 5.5m wide and 2.75m high (I tried a much smaller width, the same effect).
Unity slot screenshot

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Within the Slots gameobject, each individual Slot needs to also have a Rigidbody attached to it as well. Look up the Fire_0 fire station example and you’ll see all of the door and window slots have rigidbodies.

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I personally don’t have such components in the slots of any object from the game’s assets, maybe the reason is different?

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If you’re missing something from the ExampleAssets.unitypackage, you should try importing the package again.

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I’ve already tried reimporting assets, and I still don’t have the rigidbody component and the clip folder in the objects is also missing. Could the problem be with the Unity version?

The current Unity version used is 2021.3.29f1. The current Unturned game version is

The Unity version is also up to date, I don’t understand what the problem could be

It turned out to be much simpler, I took an asset without windows as a donor and used doors as a window in my asset)


I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue. I’ve marked your own reply as the answer to the issue. Feel free to unmark it, if there’s actually a different issue (or solution). :slight_smile:

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