Attachment Suggestion: Rifle Slings!

Would allow the player to draw weapons faster. Spawn at gun stores, campgrounds and farms. Aren’t compatible with pistols.


i like the idea


Pistol holsters, scabbards and knife sheaths to increase equip speed of handguns, long blades and short blades respectively

All goes to the belt slot


Either slings would be attachments for weapons that allow them to be worn in the sling slot, or they could be clothing that occupies the sling slot and work with the holstering mechanic. I’m not sure which would be better.

  • Slings as attachments would be better for affecting stats (shooting slings might improve handling but increase draw times.) And for differing compatibility between weapons and slings. (Some weapons are only compatible with single point slings, while others are compatible with both single point and two point slings.)
  • Slings as clothing would be simpler to have work with the holstering system.

I think the first approach would be best. NEO Scavenger (yes I know, I mention this game a lot) does it this way, the sling is on the gun and can be used to stow an extra gun easily on your back for a fast equip later. It would make more sense for slings to be attached to the weapon that gets affected as opposed to a player’s body.


This sounds like a very interesting idea for unturned 4 but it could be interesting to have different types like civilian military ranger etc with different looks and a little storage in the military ones (like pockets)

There isn’t really a difference between various slings.

They’re literally pieces of cloth.

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I know but i meant as in different colors and maybe a couple slots for storage in the military and ranger ones.

I’m not sure about civilian, ranger, and military slings. I’d prefer if the types of slings reflected actual styles, like single point slings, which would provide very short equip times, shooting slings that increase accuracy at the cost of longer equip times, simple slings which slightly increase accuracy and provide short equip times, and adjustable slings which are an intermediate between shooting slings simple slings. Color and material differences would be data of the items like with clothing. Not all those variants would be necessary, certainly not at the first beta test, I’m just spit balling ideas here.


How would slings increase accuracy tho…?

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pretty sure he already has this implemented even, and there are pistol slings 2
Literally just the first result Google gives me for ‘Shooting sling’

Rifle slings aren’t implemented yet, although there is a quiver that uses a sling clothing slot and pistol holsters are planned (not implemented).


You have my seal of approval boyo.

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but pistol slings

Yeah. Those still aren’t implemented.

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