Attachments suggestion-Masterkeys and M203? [And more]

Havn’t seen this idea being mentioned anywhere so I came up with this post.
It would be nice to have more weapon attachments right?
An underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher would be a nice add on. Would be awesome if they’re possible to implement in Unturned 3 as well!
I wouldn’t start to say it’s gonna be imba because honestly it won’t. Think about 3.0 Rocket Launcher. =D

To illustrate how it’s possibly going to work in Unturned 3:
1.Press switch fire mode to switch to underslung fire mode.[Grenade launcher/Masterkey etc]
2.Fire it normally by pressing LMB.
3.When using the underslung weapon, you cannot shoot the gun itself without switching fire mode to the existing ones atm [Auto/Semi/Burst]
4.The [R]eload button works for the gun itself when on [Auto/Semi/Burst], and works for underslung on its respective fire mode.

I’ll add more suggestions about weapon attachments that I find cool here! =)
-A usable folding stock? Gives the weapon different spacings and recoil stats when folded/unfolded.
-Flashlights have the ability to sort of blind people who sees it directly?
-Ability to change the reticle style of holographic sights?

self-promotion incoming


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