Attatching a gps/chart to a vehicle?

it would be cool if we can attatch a GPS to vehicle so that we dont need to constantly check the map to see where we are going


Where’s the GPS attached in the picture? It’s not quite clear.


haaha so funny just kidding not funny in the slightest :neutral_face:

I don’t get it. What’s up? :frowning:


This was made for UI


yeah i seen that a few minutes ago

you are nitpicky

My bad. I just thought that looked like more of a chart than a GPS.

Mockery aside, if the concept image for your idea is a png of a PEI chart pasted onto a low-res screenshot of a player in a car then the post could probably have done without it. I also thought the drawn-on arrow pointing to the obvious location of the map was quite humorous. Sorry if I come across as mean in some way.


im not some photoshop expert :yawning_face:

A child with MS Paint could draw it better, you don’t need to be good with Photoshop to make a mock-up of your idea.

If you want to do vehicle-related ideas, one thing you can do is make them in Unturned by placing down objects and moving them with the admin editor.


Are you kidding me that I never saw this mod.

Critiquing the quality of the images that accompany a post is often drastically far less useful than just discussing whether the actual suggestion is good or not. Let’s please remain on topic.


I like the idea, maybe you could attach a GPS after finding one laying around or maybe we could have some cars with built-in GPS like long-haul trucks or maybe police and emergency vehicles.

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Putting a gps inside a car would be too hard to look at I think. Maybe a gps map in the top right corner or something like that when you enter a vehicle would be better?

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i have a gps inside of a car in real life. theres a stand that it attaches to in the front.

I think it could be like that. Then there could be two like in the American Truck Simulator, where you can disable the minmap in HUD and look only at the truck.
If so, the servers could have an on / off option for the HUD minimap to appear.


Setting aside that you are neither in possession of a vehicle nor a license to operate said vehicle, what does that matter?
3.X can’t into realism. The mod that was linked does a decent job. An overlay in the UI would be neat, we can agree on that. But it is hardly the dealbreaker you make it out to be.


i have my learners license

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