Avengers Engame became the highest grossing movie ever! Reeeee

Omg guys this is amazing can we get a like?




2.790.591.417$ :o
Sure that was a fantastic movie !

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Looking at this list kind of makes me sad, how could the Incredibles 2 do better than it’s predecessor?
How could an absolute mess of a movie such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon even be in the top 25?

Just because it makes money, doesn’t make it brilliant.


how the fuck did captain marvel get ranked at 22 when the movie is a heaping pile of shit

Aquaman did better than Lord of the Rings?

s’cuze me while i go cry in a corner for a while

Most sequels do, they’ve got the previous fanbase buying it plus new arrivals. Too bad it sucked so much.

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Rip metal armor suit man, he will be not unmissed

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