Awesome trick for the Unturned model

Wow this place is dead! Kinda sucks. It was really fun posting suggestions for the first 4 years. I get why this happened and stuff, but it’s almost nostalgic now :open_mouth:.

Short rant >:D

I think one of the big reasons why 4.0 took so long was this place. Everyone had awesome ideas. It was so fun to feel like a part of the development bubble, the train of suggestions couldn’t stop. After watching this SovietWomble video I realised gamedev is hard, waay harder than I thought, and that planning is crucial for gamedev. Essentially we’ve been planning here for 5 years. The wall of ideas kept growing and we never found the game. Other stuff piled onto that and now it’s quiet. But that’s also why I believe 4.0 is still alive. Now that the noise is gone, our man has this gigantic pile of post it notes, and he will burn 90% of the pile and find the game.

Actual post

Anywho, I’m here cause I found this cool trick for the Unturned model.

One of the many issues with the Denizen guy was the arm twisting, and I figured out how to fix that, in a really cool way. I don’t really know how to do it in a game engine, but I know how to do it in blender, and it works pretty well!

Look at this sexy guy. He’s here to show you how he bends his arms. The issue is when he does this.

It looks terrible. A solution woud be to add a “twist” bone to make it look less bad, but that doesn’t look Unturned. Another solution would be to make him bend his forearm in all kinds of directions but that limits rigging (it’s also what 3.0 does with emotes).

So, here’s what I did! Geometry is the same as above, but i added a modifier.

This guy ^ looks at the terrible bend, and “cuts” a path to the nearest vertex or something, hard to explain what it does it, gif will show it nicely.

Model looks nice and Unturned, and the arms keep their volume.

One issue, this is blender not unreal, and game engines already triangulate models when imported, so I don’t know how that would work there.
Another issue, this requires geometry changes, and that might mess with clothing stuff.


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