Backpack concept art

I saw a fan-made Rust concept art back from 2017 and think it would be great in Unturned II.



didn’t upload.


Sorry about that here is a discord image link can you click it?

Yeah sorry its my first time using the forums here is what I was referring to


No problem, welcome to the Forums. You might have a duplicate though, I would recommend deleting one of those. Cheers mate!

Not really sure what you’re suggesting. Just adding a new backpack design?
What’s the point? Where will you obtain it? How rare is it?
Not to be a jerk of course, but it’s always good to go into detail with your suggestions though, you’ll get a lot more feedback that way.


There is little to take from this concept, especially being targeted towards a particular game where art style and game features/mechanics are vastly different.

I’m okay with this item display mechanic, though it seems optional.

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Sorry that I haven’t been clear in what I am suggesting let me clarify. What I am suggesting is that you can see what a player has by looking at them. You can see if they have a gun holstered, are carrying an ammo pouch, have medical supplies, have a gun strapped to there back, or see a bota bag of water. I think this would add a layer of depth to the game as pose to unturned 3 where you don’t really have that good of an idea of what a player is carrying. Also this is just an idea I don’t really know how it would play out with all the items in game. Again i’m really sorry for the lack of clarification.

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I would like this, seeing what other players have and where. but I would like it to be that you see the things where they are. for example holstered gun, is where the holster and gun is ( obviously XD)

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As you would not be able to have much space in your inventory that will probably be a thing in Unturned II.

C:\Users\Daniel\Desktop\meme\Cursed image\Alright.png


I’d personally prefer if clothing items allowed you to carry more of something, rather than clothing simply appearing based on the quantity of that item your carrying, as the words on that image seem to suggest.

I’d prefer to have these

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