BackStories I made up for the SkillSets / Player

I’m just adding more color to Unturned.

Before the apocalypse started, he/she is just having a vacation in the map you choose, but when he/she looked over the city after he/she was relaxing on the beach. He/She saw a bunch of zombies. So, that’s how he/she ended up surviving.

Fire fighter
While he/she was trying to look out for a close fire, there was something else in the city besides fire. A Whole lot of people infected by the virus. When he/she goes back to the station, all of his/her co-workers are infected, so he/she slashed the zombies with a fire axe.

Police Officer
When the fighter of crime was relaxing by standing on the shore, he/she heard silence. He/She heard no streetlights, cars, traffic or walking. All he/she heard are canine-like but slow moans. He/She then tried to contact his/her fellow officers about this strange phenomenon. Since he/she had no answers or heard any voices, he then went back to the Police station. When he arrived, he ended up killing everything that is in the station and then gathered all of the food, ammunition and weapons he need.

Spec Ops
The Spec Ops was retired, but then. He/she heard moans near outside his house. He/She then was surprised that the thing that did all of the canine-like moaning looked like a green human being. He then just punches and kicked the being until it’s dead. After that, he/she gathered what was in his house and left to return back to the military base.

The farmer went outside the farm to see the sunset for 20 minutes. After the sun became purple, she/he checked what is happening in the farm. The farm was so weird, all of her/his co-workers are now infected and made a lot of infected moans. She/He then kicked one of the zombies, grabbed the chainsaw and then loot the heck out of everything!

While the fisherman was looking at the ocean after a hard day’s work, he/she then looked at the camp. There was something wrong with the camp, but then everyone became infected! The fisherman than grabbed his pocketKnife and knifed every zombie.

After the lumberjack had enough chopping down trees and making maple syrup, he/she decides to eat some pancakes and under a tree. After the lumberjack ate the pancakes, he looked back at the camp. He saw everyone infected in the camp except for only him/her. He/She then loot quickly from cabin to cabin without getting bit.

When it was time for a lunch break, she/he went off the works site and then ate her/his tuna sandwich behind a tree. After the worker finished her/his sandwich, the worker went off to work. When he went back to work, nobody was trying to build the house. So, she/he than took his hammer and wacked every zombie until the worker can get supplies to create a generator.

After the chef has been cooking pizza for her/his, she/he decide to leave the pizzeria after the her/his shift was finished. After the her/his shift was over, the chef then went to the beach and look at the candy colored sunset. When the chef is about to walk home. Everyone he saw became infected, so he ended up looting locations that the chef can go in and out.

At the beginning of the thief’s mission. He/she was trying to steal the pizzeria’s secret formula. When he/she snuck into town. The Thief did not realized that everyone became zombies, so that occupation failed. When he/she looked at the faces of these zombies, the thief then ran. He/she ran until the zombies loose he/she.

After working at a pharmacy, the doctor was trying to get to her/his car, the doctor realized that everyone became infected. When the doctor check her/his car, the doctor became pretty shocked of why the car has only 3 wheels and a missing battery. The doctor then ran back to the pharmacy because the doctor knew that the end is near!

You could just use your imagination instead when using skillsets but who cares.

Edit: I nailed the broken english on this forum post!

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Mmh not too sure about that, it would require a different version for every map :s

Just leave them as they are, the player’s imagination is the best thing.

What if they were just a doctor? Just a civilian? Just a lumberjack?

Oops I forgot

i finished writing all of the skillsets!

Ehh, naa thanks bro.

I know you tried, but this sounds wierd to a native English speaker.

Regardless, I’m not into the idea as a whole, I’ll rather have the player make it up in there head.

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I fixed the english!

It works until you go to yukon.

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