Bad module info has stopped working HELP!

So after todays update I launched unturned and I couldn’t connect to a server. So I restarted my steam and when I tried to open Unturned it launched for few seconds and gave me this message : Bad module info has stopped working etc… I googled and people said to reinstall my graphic drivers. So I did that and it didn’t fix so then I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, it still didn’t work so then I went to the folder where unturned is saved and deleted ALL the files from it, it was over 130k files then I installed unturned again and guess what? It doesn’t work. Nelson please help me I’m playing the game for 3years and this is the first time I got this. @SDGNelson And I still don’t have my gold items from the time I bought the gold upgrade

if you guys find any solutions please HELP me! :slight_smile: