Ban Appeal(1 Years Ago)

Hi I am Ekin#2037, I got banned for unturned arid sniping montage video, It have some videos from real life snipping videos(no blood), I thought its from movies.
I hated use second account to check showcases. I am very sorry.
Discord ID:295471987105726466

God damn you have made me really curious as to what that “snipping” footage must’ve looked like for you to mistake it as scenes from a movie. Some war photographers really have an eye for it, huh?


Iraqis shoot well :face_with_monocle:

The staff member who was responsible for originally banning you isn’t with the staff team anymore, so it’ll likely take a little bit before you receive a response regarding your appeal.

Ok I can wait, thank you for responding. Its so important for me. I am sorry for what I did. Thank you…

Hello @MoltonMontro,
it’s been almost 1 week, has a decision been made?

Staff have unbanned you. Don’t post that kind of content again.


295471987105726466 was unbanned.