Ban appeal bbgrls

I was banned for “spam” but how does one spam if he is to only respond to what one is saying in return it’s quite obscene as many would think

Just because there was 20 of us coordinated in a vc saying things at once in general doesn’t mean it was on purpose Shirley you can see that

But fr it’s not that deep we just responded to people

But thank you for taking your time to read this and reconsider you initial verdict on the situation :kissing_heart:

Hey Unturned_Antics,

“Spamming” can have many definitions. One of the more common interpretations is “sending the same message repeatedly”. Understand that spamming is problematic because it annoys other users, and disrupts their ability to use the server/community normally. Which clearly occurred, as other users asked for those spamming to stop doing so.

Repeatedly sending messages that are exactly the same as the one above it is spam – hence why the Unturned Discord staff team originally banned you.

Closing the topic as you already made an appeal recently, and that appeal had been rejected. I don’t believe this new appeal adds any new information or discussion points that haven’t already been discussed when considering previous appeals.