Ban appeal for unturned discord server

i was banned for ip i did it because he spammed the n word on my discord server and he spammed his inv link to my discord server and also he was threatening me and told my staff to join his discord so i got his ip even tho i was gonna do nothing and i did it to only make him shut up and btw i got proof just saying so pls dm me or email and ill show u so pls unban me or just something cuz its not fair and btw the discord i want to be unbanned on is the unturned discord server :smiley:

If it was in your Discord server, why did you take the problem to UO?

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Im agreeing with Craven here. Why? They clearly didnt have anything to do with it… And since you retaliated on your own accord they had no reason to intervene. You did however, violate discord’s Terms of Service by sourcing his IP, regardless of the method used.

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i never did do anything uo

Then how did you get banned? Where did you get banned from? What discord server are you talking about if it wasn’t UO?

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i did get banned from uo but im trying to be unbanned because it wasnt fair that he didnt get a punishment for saying the n word and threatening me and promoting and raiding servers

Oh so you’re the guy who was posting ip grabbers


Nelson plz unban me

Am gud boi

You admitted to trying to IP grab. Personally I don’t think that is okay.

We couldn’t unban you from any other server if we wanted to? :thinking:

No amount of “proof” of him doing X or Y is going to change the fact that you posted IP grabbers.

Thats, uh, unlikely. Any evidence to back that up?


He said the n word so its respectable and alright for me to ip snab someone

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cuz he wouldnt shut up even if i blocked him or banned him he made new acc and dmed my staff to join his discord and my members and i only did it to make him shut up if i wanted to do harm i would have by now

trust if u where me u would do the same thing

i know right

I can’t think of anything you could say to justify what you did.

Hell no. If I would be stupid enough to do that I sure as hell would not do it on the main and/or get caught.

Those are very weak arguments, I stand by my initial no.

so u just want me to stand still and look at him raiding my server?

Goalpost sliiiide. If you had not made your problem our problem none of this would have happened.
Do I condone actions like the one you took? No, absolutely not. Can I understand why you took them? Sure, assuming what you say is true. Does that change the fact that you violated the rules and got banned in the process? Also no.

Its funny until you are on the receiving end.

Closed due to appeal being denied and to prevent thread from further spiraling out of control. Posting IP loggers regardless of what they did is a massive red flag.