Ban Appeal mk.3

Here I am, Back in the appeal section.
It’s been around 2-4 months since my ban, And I have took sufficient time to learn from my mistakes
I recently turned 18, And I personally think I have grown more mature, A bit more serious.
I would really appreciate if you guys truly see that I have changed & can be accepted back into the Unturned Discord server.

I really do regret my past actions; The offensive behaviour, Posting memes in off-topic & being a general nuisance to some people.
I had some mental issues, And I’ve been taking some medication for this & it’s been working great recently, It just required a lot of time to kick in.

Recently I also discovered how “easy” & fun Unity is, And I really do require help often, Which I barely can find outside dedicated Discord servers. One of the many reasons why I’d like to rejoin.

I promise that I have changed. I’d be a benefit to the community, Especially new or experienced mappers that require help.
I hope you are willing to see that I truly have changed.

Discord Name: average_belgian
Display Name (AKA): Michael.✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
User ID: 650048200149041182

I’m glad to hear that you’ve been looking to improve on previous concerns, as well as exploring other parts of the Unturned community such as modding.

The permanent ban you received was for what were repeat issues at the time, and the ban is still too recent to consider any appeals over given that it was for repeat issues. Appeal is rejected at this time.


Appeal is rejected at this time.