Ban Appeal?

“You were banned from Unturned. Reason: About me that makes fun of the LGBTQ+ Community + A past punishment history of racism/sexism/bigotry”

I NEVER was WARNED or verbally notified about my “About Me” section. I had this about me for 2 years and I never was approached by it. Past Punishment history of racism/sexism/bigotry excuse me? I Never did any of that shit? My ONLY “sexism” ban was taken out of extreme context since I am not a native fucking English speaker. I said “Don’t be like a woman, Bringing up past drama” It is a saying in my fucking language “Oude Koeien uit de sloot halen” which I didn’t know in English.

The ban didn’t even notify who banned me. Are we really shadowbanning anyone you guys don’t like? Is this really the turn Unturned is taking? Are you seriously willing to ruin the game just to look good infront of a minority? I never was & will be against LGBT people? this is bullshit.

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We decided that you didn’t need to be warned after seeing your punishment history.

You have 27 past infractions. If what you said is true then Genestic should have removed the logs of the punishment, but he didn’t. So as far as I’m concerned, they are still concrete.


Appeal was denied.