Ban Appeal

As of May 28th, 2023 I’ve been perm-banned for “Inappropriate meme / violated channel rules. Repeat issue with anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry/dogwhistling.”

  1. Inappropriate meme - Which one? The first one that was an exact copy of Romellete’s except the sides switched? or the second one with the same format except different flag? None of those seem inappropriate

  2. Violated channel rules - The 2 memes I made were the exact same format as the ones made by Romelette and Kartizel. From what I heard they are still sitting fine in the discord without any punishment. Is there some sort of bias going on?

  3. “Repeat issue with anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry/dogwhistling.” - That seems like an easy “reason” to ban someone for just countering a “woke” meme. How have my memes been anti-LGBTQ or bigotry/dogwhistling. Again I repeat, my memes were either exact or similar format and yet the other 2 go unpunished while I get a PERM-Ban? By any logic u applied on my punishment the same could be said about the 2 other people.

    Kartizel used the trans flag to perhaps represent themselves or a group while I used the hetereosexual flag to represent myself or a group. How has that hurt someone in anyway? Unless we’re taking stuff to extreme, just to act on someone’s behalf.

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You posted an anti-LGBTQ+ meme, and had a history of comments that did similar. This isn’t acceptable and is in violation of multiple server and channel rules. “Switching the sides” of a different meme isn’t a valid reason to break rules regarding bigotry.

Appeal denied at this time. If you’d like to appeal again in the future, consider waiting longer before doing so.


Appeal was denied. If you’d like to try appealing again, please wait longer before doing so.