Ban Appeal

I was banned 2 years ago for Compromised Account. I have no idea what did i did to got myself banned. Could you please appeal my account. It would help me alot

This is my user id → 657720962414018562

You appeal a ban, chances are what you are asking for is a unban (which is what would apply to your account).
Banned loads of people for that, means you managed to get your login compromised and attempted to send malicious messages in the server (most like invites to a server or a link to a shady site.

Word of advice, do NOT scan QR codes with the Discord app to “verify” or whatever. The only reason to do that is to log in on a new device/client, which is probably how the breach happened in the first place.

Can’t unban you myself anymore tho, so best of luck.

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Appeal accepted; your account has been unbanned.