Ban Appeal

Hello, my name is thewafflehimself.

I am submitting this ban appeal (Discord) because I am seeking to be unbanned.
Let me explain the situation from what I remember.

So several months ago I had joined the official unturned server to begin advertising a server I was working on, and asking development questions on how to fix certain issues. During this time I engaged in conversation with a moderator (I cannot remember his name at the time) where me and another member exchanged jokes to the moderator. From what I can recall after joking with the moderator he had started to get angry, and after some more conversation he decided to kick me from the discord. I rejoined back and explained to him that I was only joking (im sure im leaving out detail so please forgive me as I have bad memory and this was several months ago, like early 2023) and I was banned for trolling. I had sent a friend of mine into the Discord to open a ticket on my behalf so that i could be explained how to appropriately appeal my ban, as I was never issued any information regarding my ban other then the original reason, I was never told how to appeal, or anything like that (I don’t believe I was even given the moderators name), and I was informed that another (false) reason had been provided, which was threatening to raid the discord server. (on the very slim of chance i did do this (i highly doubt it) it was not a serious threat and was meant to be taken as a joke) Upon getting information on how to appeal, I am writing this appeal as I believe I should be unbanned for a few key reasons. 1). I believe sufficient time has passed to call the punishment reasonable for what I have been accused of. 2). I believe that the original reason for the ban was exaggerated to justify the ban. (I believe that the mod knew I was joking but decided to ban me anyways out of spite), and 3) It has been a long time since that incident, I have went through a massive maturity sprout, and I believe that given the opportunity to return, I can remain respectful, honest, kind, and professional. ( < I wish to return on business related subjects relating to development and server publication.).

Thank you to whoever took the time out of their day to read this appeal.

  • TheWaffleHimself

My Discord Username: thewafflehimself
My Discord User ID: 841336466676514927
My Steam Account Link: Steam Community :: North

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal internally, to the Discord’s staff team.

Thank you so much!

I’d have to check if there has been a change but I recall that being a major faux pas

I only did it because I had no idea how to appeal a ban, I didnt send him in to appeal my ban, I sent him in to get me the information on how to do it myself.

Still not a good look, but understandable tho

Unurned Official Discord Moment :skull::skull::skull:

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Any updates? (I noticed it has been a while and just wanted to check up).

Older bans usually require a staff vote, which can take longer to resolve than other ban appeals.

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Gotcha, thanks man.

Following up on this: your appeal has been denied. Your ban required a staff vote because the original moderator who had banned you was no longer on the staff team, and this vote failed to pass.

You may try re-appealing again in the future, but your current appeal had been denied after reviewing your ban reason and the messages logged by the server at the time.

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Appeal denied. You may try to appeal again in the future once more time has passed.