Ban appeal


My name is liron im playing Unturned alot of time i got ban 350d ago for now im playing in my ults. Yes i admit i used hacks yes i admit its not ok and im very very very sorry about that i just want to get second chance iw ill never ever do it agin im really really really sorry ): . If i will get second chance i will be really happy beacuse i really love this game.

If i cant get unban thanks anyways

Thanks Liron.

Idk why i cant replay and im talking about Game Ban By Game Developer




Is it bad if I’m giggle at this?

You can’t really get unbanned from Battleye. Nor VAC.

Or are you talking about a server ban?


lol nice one XD


Like Loz said, you cannot get a Game Banned removed. It is the consequence of your actions, and you don’t get a second chance.


Bans by VAC, Battleye, or game bans are permanent.

There are no exceptions unless you have been falsely accused, which you clearly have not.


yea there’s no way you’re getting unbanned after just saying you admit to hacking. no second chances, no “I’m sowwy I didn’t mean to”.


Apologies won’t help when the damage is already done


You cannot appeal here nor you can do it anywhere else. They are permanent and non-negotiable.