Ban Lootboxes

ahahhahahahahahahahha, you are funny :grinning:

@DeusExMachina @FinnaBustABuster can you guys just kiss or something? God damn.

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I’m 14. While I respect Deus, I don’t want him to catch a charge lol.

Well deus IS a discord mod…


Then you didn’t play russian p2w servers. Kiddos buy admin, spawn maplestrike and go kill nakeds. If you actually kill one of them (which is relatively easy, since they have skill issues) you get a load of fat loot, but before you even manage to vaccuum it all away, they already respawn, do /i363 /i 8 /i 17 and run back to where they died until you run out of ammo.

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these items are purely cosmetic, they are not pay 2 win.
i do agree that sdg should refine the crate system tho, something like the one in brawl stars would be more easy than the one unturned uses

I’ll have to disagree with you here. Loot boxes are quite literally the lowest you can really get in terms of making profits off your server, really. I really would rather have players know what they are purchasing, rather than not by paying for a loot box in which they get a random item from. If pay-to-win loot boxes are allowed, regular pay-to-win shops should be allowed aswell, considering loot boxes are so much worse. At least with the shops, little timmy would know what he is paying for.
It’s funny to me because if we’re gonna have some form of p2w allowed, it should be the opposite – loot boxes should be banned while shops aren’t.
Altho i am against p2w altogether, but that doesn’t really matter much here, since you provided a fair point of a server staying afloat. lol


I primarily am referring to the /unbox feature some owners are adding to their Unturned servers.

These sell vehicles and gear or weapons, etc.

Many servers before this lasted WITHOUT these loot crates., we are justifying exploitative practices.

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