Ban Lootboxes

Please, we banned p2w microtransactions in Unturned only to get p2w lootboxes and bullshit exceptions.
Ik this is going to get criticized to hell before Nelson does something 5 years later to a round of applause but god damn.

The microtransactions have gotten worse and now gambling is involved.
End it.

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I mean it can be gambling, because people open boxes to sell them, but I don’t know about removing them

Let the people spend money how they want. Individual countries are already doing what they think they need to, why would Nelson willingly sacrifice a revenue stream and limit what consenting adults can pay for? By all means implement (more) vetting so that 14 year olds don’t blow through hundreds of dollars.

Oh I forgot its the same guy wanting the ability to ban people from his threads, better not disagree with him or he’ll try to shut down discourse again.


You jealous of my drip?


That’s a lot of off-topic images and replies. Please remember to keep a majority of posts relevant to the original topic they had posted.


I think pay2win in unturned is mostly balanced and that they shouldn’t get banned because it is usually the only way that servers get money. Never really got destroyed by paywwinners

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  • ‘we banned p2w transactions in unturned’

me looking at all the green cosmetics on the market And the gold upgrade which together basically give you a permanent ghillie suit


I put heavy emphasis on gambling in servers.
These servers with crates that give guns or cars feel just like a loophole of this:

Except with an added flair of gambling which makes them more harmful.

Cosmetic gambling in Unturned is debatable, however the above is unacceptable.

If you want to see, just go into some servers like Dark RP and type /unbox

Some action should be taken, if not on the skins then at least on server-based gambling. These don’t even help Nelson because the money goes to server owners, not him.

If you don’t know, I’m referring to things like these:

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Ok I agree that is P2W if you have to pay money for the crates.
But if they are free and not behind any sort of paid rank so anyone can do /unbox then I don’t see the issue.

For context:
That server uses crates that have ONE free vehicle crate with weak vehicles while the rest have to be bought.
They’re also P2W and feature things like “currency” “knives”

Currency can be bought, same for OP armor. Ranks or payments are the best way to get money in the place.

It is P2W and these types of things are what I was referring to.
They infuriate me.



According to you, which means very little to the average user in here.

No, discourse is required before actions are taken.

This is the main point I take away, “it bad because I no like”. We can and most certainly should have a debate on P2W servers or mechanics in those servers but just calling for a blanket ban on them because you do not like them is not only bad form but downright stupid in my opinion.

At the end of the day servers will need to make money, we can argue about the amounts they need versus what they want but they need money to stay up. Keeping them from making money means they’ll die. The core problem I see is that it is very hard to draw the line, in terms of actual monetization rules, between things you can and cannot abuse. Just look at the “recent” changes prohibiting one-time-use purchases. The idea was good, but servers already found plenty of was to circumvent that.

A lot of these crates are an iteration of one time use purchases.
I believe that they should be held accountable rather than allowed to circumvent these rules.
It’s not like taking these specific things will cause every server to die, they clearly were surviving before crates became prevalent.

I feel like some others share my opinion and it’s unnecessary to take small jabs at me. Just because a person holds an opinion doesn’t mean it should be isolated without any actual counterargument.

When did I say there shouldn’t be discourse? This entire post is me starting some discussion while calling for action. You’re putting words in my mouth and then creating a response from there.

You need to read up more on lootboxes and gambling because your attempt to degrade opinions you don’t agree with isn’t working.

Then why degrade and take jabs at those who start debates regarding these?

Ad hominem. I never called for “all of it to be banned”. I called for some action to be taken and I even begin specifying in parts of my post and replies.

We all know that they need to make money and I never said that they didn’t. This isn’t keeping them from making money, there are numerous other ways to make money i.e ranks, donations, subscription salaries that don’t require gambling mechanics to be implemented in games with origins from Roblox.
They won’t die if they’re punished for loopholing pre-existing rules with a flair of gambling added.

One of my main issues is that I want these loot-crates which are just circumventing the pre-existing rules to have action taken on them.


I’m not a he and I appreciate you committing yourself to ad hominem once again.
How did you ever become an admin of the Unturned Discord if this is the respect you stride with?

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Haven’t seen any of them come out of the woodwork yet, so all I have to go on is your word

Not integral to the argument not, but a little fun on the side

I dunno, that was the impression I was getting. My bad I guess.

Been there done that, they are gamblling. Now I won’t get into how I think gambling should be regulated, but if a country has laws on gambling it should have laws on lootboxes.

There is starting a debate and then there is what you are currently doing, a debate with a healthy side of, well, you being you.

No, not really

Again, that was the vibe I was getting, yes you never called for them to be outright banned, I just assumed you would go for the simplest solution. Again, my bad.

Donations with nothing in return do sweet fuck all, ask me how I know. Subscription salaries would be worse than lootboxes imo. True, they won’t die from this, they always find a way.

That we can agree on.

Everyone on here is, that is the default. Your gender or pronouns do not matter in this, but if it makes you feel any better I could just ctrl+f and replace them with your choice of words, might sound a bit wonky after tho.

Let me just…

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Glad to see you concede on some things and not double down.

Again, can we end the ad hominem and relax a bit? My bad and your bad.

Ty for the discussion.
I did speak a bit too broadly IG.

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Arguments work, claiming muh ad hominem doesn’t

His knees hurt after the promotion…


I was staff, and later co-owner of a fairly large (~1,000 players) TF2 server community many years back, and this makes me laugh pretty hard. We stayed afloat because of a small handful of regular powerusers, mainly staff, regularly donating. The only reason they did so was because of the community trade servers can foster. I fail to see any sort of Unturned Server having this kind of soft power to rely solely on donations just out of goodwill (or some minor effects that don’t really make a difference), and while I hate to say it, lootboxes are the perfect way for servers to keep themselves afloat without a dedicated community surrounding them beforehand. If little Timmy steals his mom’s credit card and starts hitting the boxes hoping to get OP gear, that’s their problem. Not Mine, not the server owner’s.


Strawman moment.

Are you referring to cosmetic crates that Nelson makes or the loot boxes that some servers (like p9nda’s ones) have?

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