Ban text from servers

add icon or text that says if you are banned also a timer that stays up and enough time so people can read it what is the reason for the ban

I have no idea what is going on here.

You can already see why you were banned and for how long tho…?

He wants the server list to show an icon for servers you’re banned on.


Most servers use a third party ban plugin and not Unturned’s native one, nelson could a API for it or something though, but mostly unnecessary. The servers themselves can implement this on join.

Better to just make the server you’re banned on disappeared from your search list. To, you know… make the search more easier.

Or better yet, have a whole tab (like favorite or gold, you know the one.) that contains servers you’re banned on with said information.

How could it be implied is a totally different things tho.

I’m not saying it’s necessary, but i thought it would be a nice addition

Did you mass KOS again? Damn…

Quick question: Is mass KOS in Unturned basically committing mass genocide on a single species in a online video game?

No, but some times. Last Time I got banned just for not being Russian. The admin teleported me to him and said: you be Russian if not I kill you I ban, I said no. I kill you!
Killed him whit my fists took his guns and killed the other mod then I already know what was coming. it was hilarious. also, i was trying to lead some mutated monster to the safe zone that has killed everyone on the spawn last time but sadly i didn’t found any.

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