Ban unturned battleye

Hello, I was given a lock for a very long time just like that, then this lock was removed in the incentive and it remained in unturned, help me I do not know what to do, I did not play with third-party programs
reason for ban BattlEye: Global Ban #ee578e
my steam profile Steam Community :: Angel

You aren’t banned tho?
If thats what you are asking about anyway, not that easy to tell

I used to be banned, but for a very long time I do not know why and they gave me a block in the incentive, then they removed it in the incentive, but it remained in unturned

I do not know what to do help

No one here can help you. You are not banned. Even if you were we could not help you.
“I do not know why” is a cope, the answer is always cheating.

@Nick_SkunkFox I am not saying everybody that got banned actually cheated, I am saying that is the reason they got banned.

Not true, I was false flag banned less then a week ago, I got it resolved and im back in the game,not everyone is a cheater and sometimes these things do happen.

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Ban appeals and other inquiries should be sent to BattlEye Support.

For more information on multiplayer bans: Multiplayer bans – Smartly Dressed Games Help Center

If you have a global ban, refer to BattlEye’s FAQ for important information regarding how to file ban inquiries regarding the global ban: BattlEye – The Anti-Cheat Gold Standard » Support. Note that any ban appeals/inquiries should include your global ban ID.

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Contact BattlEye Support instead.