Bandit AI's effect to our reputation

A more detailed reputation system would be cool. Like if you kill AI bandits you earn 10 reputation, but if you choose to cuff them you earn 20 reputation. They could surrender with %20 chance if one of their friends die, and %70 chance to surrender if all of their friends die. Also, if you shoot a cuffed bandit, you’ll lose 10 reputation.


What about other survivor groups? Like the coalition, what would happen to rep if you interacted with them.

That would be interesting to add onto it.

Sounds interesting, although it is still a complex mechanic. Probably in the future something similar could be added. I liked the idea :smiley:
Maybe this reputation system will make the good guys, like the coalition guys attack you or be good to you.


Hm… What if they ask you to stay with them? If you choose to stay with them and follow to their safe zone, you’ll get 5 reputation. If you don’t want to go, you get 4 reputation for looking badass I guess. When in their safe zone, there could be a few people starving, maybe you can give them food to get 5 reputation? And also giving food to those need it at outside of the safe zone there would be a chance of it being a trap, but if you success to give food it would give you 10 reputation since you risk your life to help him/her.


Maybe they could drop Dog tags that you can trade in at settlements for reputation points.

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This would be a pretty neat idea to have the bandits be average persons who resort to killing / robbery because they need to survive instead of just average bad persons.

Also, maybe there could be an indicator of wether a bandit will surrender or not based on the % of bandits you killed and the % of bandits you captured / left alone.

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